Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

OK. A few days back, I spoke about having my shoppe up by Thanksgiving. Do-able, I said. Indeed it was. Yet I did not quite get it done.

Why? I am my own worst critic. I have an idea. Then I think too much about it. Wonder if it is enough or vice versa. Then to realize after all these thoughts (which make my head hurt) the original thought was the best. I do so have to let some of it go. And learn to give myself some credit.

Tonight I worked on my banner for my shoppe. Excited, I was. Yea. This is it. Yep. The world will see my one maybe three products for purchase. I tweaked my banner and pretty dig darn happy for me--my PC burped. An error box popped up. Said some issue happened and would need to re-start.

My marketing masterpiece was MIA. I had not saved it. *sigh*

I thought, well, OK. I got the thought of the banner. Simple. To the point. I liked what I did. Yet the colors weren't all that.....

Yea. I started thinkin' again. I need to stop that.

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Oh bad bad bad computer!!! I hope you design an even better and more brilliant banner now!! Good luck and all the best!! Sometimes thinking hurts too much so better to just do! Yay! Take care

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