Monday, November 21, 2011

In the Rain..

After I got home from work and did a little exercise, with the prayer I drop about a million dress sizes overnight--I headed to The GoodWill, up the street. Since I discovered my 'inner crafty' I wonder about experimenting with paint and decoupage on wood--the whole plaque thing 2.0.

For 19 bucks and some change I found cool, one of kind treasures. Solid wood. Different sizes. I looked for older looking plaques. I imagine their story. How they got there and from where. That's when the writer in me came out. It also amazes me, how pieces of china wind up at the Goodwill. For just pennies. The china is another post. I'll stick with the the plaques for now.

I surveyed the plaques. Thought of how to re-birth them. I mean, one of them is a wooden paddle with a bunch of cows painted on it...Did I mention it was also raining when I went to the GoodWill? The cashier packed all my goodies in a big, plastic bag. The size of my bag would surely rival that of Santa's.

I took good care of my treasures as I walked to the car and placed them inside. I did have two china bowls in the mix too. One was 50 cents. Told ya--cheap!

Well, if all excuse me, I'll call it a night. I need to peak in my sock again. Tickled how I stuffed my own stocking---sorta.

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

To think that you'll soon turn these bargain bits n pieces into works of art!! Yay!!

Take care

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