Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, Special Olympics and Me

Had the day off from work today, yet I did not stay all curled up in bed. Nope. Did not have cats cut off my circulation because they curled so night. Nope. Instead I volunttered for a Special Olympics bowling event. Was there all day. Exhilirating, feet hurt, yet humble experience. In the morning session, I worked with seven little girls who were capable to pick up and throw the ball down the lane, yet all with special needs. I tied shoes, shot them a look to sit down, persuaded a girl to put back ON her shoes, because she was tired and hi-fived till my hand went numb. :) The afternoon session, I was responsible for 5 girls on two lanes. They were a little older, the oldest being 19 and all used ramps to get ball down the lane. All needed help to get to the line. The girls then pushed the ball down the ramp--with a little help from family or coaches. Two were in wheelchairs, another was 14 yrs old and mute, while another girl's mom came up to me and said her daughter "can't see." I looked at mom and told her I had trouble hearing at times, because I was born with one ear. She smiled at that. Her daughter wound up scoring the highest out of the five. :) ***I was born with microtia, which is usually a malformed or no ear. I do not have a left ear. Only a piece of a lobe. I do not know if my folks ever thought of reconstructive surgery. My mom passed while I was so young. I don't remember asking my dad when I got older. It was just my little ear. I remember all the hearing tests, and can she, will she be able to learn? My grades were more than average in grade school--some exceptional. I've been in contact with those with microtia and even parents who wondered if their kids would be 'normal'. The ultimate choice is with that family for surgery, however I stress it is whatever their child's normal turns out to be, is their child's--also, I inform them I took dance and piano lesson. The missing of an ear, or any limb, does not mean you can't still be a productive person. You make your *****That's what I thought of the couple hundred kids, young adults and their parents I had the pleasure to meet today. At the end of the it all, parents thanked me and told they were glad I was there. I made their bowling experience a good one. I nearly cried. I told them they all made MY day a good one.*****Special Olympics are indeed special and make for a great, great day!

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Old Kitty said...

Tommy!! You are beautiful inside and out! Yay for you - what a great event to volunteer for and so happy you had a good time too!

Hugs to you! take care

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