Saturday, October 22, 2011

Terra Cotta Bell Toll

Natural sea sponged 4 inch high terra cotta bell pot with metallics of green and gold, on top of a red base. All colors are acrylic paints. This terra cotta project confirmed to use only metallic colors to sea sponge with. Granted, it's a personal choice. I did not care much for the sponged dried/finished look of the regular acrylic paints on the terra cotta. I even sprayed gloss acrylic sealer on the dried work. Naw. Not having it. Nope. Metallic from now on.

Some folks asked if I used spray paint on my terra cotta. Early on in my posts, I did use Krylon spray paint on top of a Rust-o-Ileum primer (love the stuff). Spray paint is fast, however I think I sprayed the pots so much, I don't think it was that cost effective. Honestly, with acrylics, I am to the to the point I can paint pots pretty fast, while I watch TV. A little goes a long way. Acrylics are cheap, non-toxic, and dry fast! The best part is I use soap and water to wash acrylic paint off your wish they were hands of Monet.

Gold is the bell toll today.

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