Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Touch Past...

That's what today was as I decided to clear out my back bedroom where everything gets tossed. I should say 'start' to clear it out. I didn't get as far as I wanted because I touched the past--alot. I found letters from a guy I went to high school with. Turns out we exchanged handwritten letters during one of his years in college. I didn't/don't even remember! Cards signed by my sweet Daddy. I can't believe on 10/18 will be the tenth anniversary of his passing. Found pictures of Dad before diabetes really made its move. Healthy, robust and King Edward cigar in his mouth. There was also a letter I 'wrote' to my Dad wishing him Happy Father's Day. I looked at the envelope. It was dated a year after I was born. Ha! I'm sure Mom helped! I've mentioned I was such an Osmond Brothers fan back in the day---well, I found negatives, probably all my negatives, of that mystical, magical time. Such a surprise! The big question, do places still reprint off 110 negatives? The actual prints, I have lost some thru the years--so for an Osmond fan, this is quite the jackpot! More photos, newspaper clippings, notes I'd received from management at the company I worked at before my current one. I'd given the CEO a copy of my then newly self published book. He sent me a nice note back which include his wish for my writing career to thrive! Completely forgot that! Cards to celebrate my birthday, good wishes when I left a company. sympathy for my dad's passing and get wells after my pesky open heart surgery. All these things span my whole life. Then I found a sympathy card from the girl who was my BFF thru our girlhood growing up years. I remember I was surprised I heard nothing from her when Dad passed. She had family in our hometown and Dad's passing was mentioned about every hour on our local small town radio station mixed in with the soy bean report. The BFF lived in another state, yet I thought her family would tell her. My house was her home away from home, when we grew up. We were that close. One inhaled, while the other exhaled. When I got back to Dallas, after Dad's funeral, and still not a word from her, I wrote BFF to tell her of my Dad's passing. Her handwritten letter told me her family didn't tell her. And we hadn't been the closest thing in those recent times. She apologized several times in the letter saying there was no other place she would have been if she'd known. Also the former BFF said it had been awhile since we'd spoken and left me her phone number. Maybe we should try to talk again. I didn't remember that part of her 2001 letter. I sat, in the midst of my clutter in 2011 and wondered if I ever called her. I thought we were so estranged by 2001, why bother? Or I did call her and the conversation wasn't one for the scrapbooks?

When you touch the past like that. does it have room in your today?


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Old Kitty said...

Oh what a treasure trove of memories! I'm a natural hoarder and keep all and everything and never ever throw stuff away - especially when they drum up such amazing memories! I mean I'm not for living in the past - but I'm all for keeping memories alive and in perspective. You may be a different person from who you were then but you are the person you are now because of what's past!

Take care

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