Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I did today...

Left work early--unexpectedly. Nothing wrong. Since job transitions on Monday, I didn't want to spend the rest of my day doing nothing--again. My work has dwindled because of the change. Got tomorrow off, and my boss said, "Go ahead. Start your weekend early." No need to tell me twice. I was out the door almost before my "Out of Office" reply was set on my e-mail. This was 12:15. Treated myself to "The Lion King" at he Moving Picture show. I snuck in my bottled water and chips. I didn't bother with the 3D version of the movie also out. I was OK with Regular D. Just me, and a mom with her daughter in the Moving Picture Show. Loved It. Even after seeing The Lion King a million dozen times, I still LOVE it. I remembered the folks I saw it with back in 1994. I thought we would be chums forever. Not so much. Have no contact with any of them. Not even on Facebook. Nonetheless, I still chuckled at Timon and Pumba, and got teary eyed at the end... ah, Hakuna Mata! So on I went to munch on bar-b-que. Then the hunt for birch bark sheets. Yea, it exists. I just don't know where, except on an actual birch tree. Which, by the way, I had to Google to find out what s birch tree looks like. Did errands. Got a Mocha Frappucino because it was 100 F degrees in Dallas today. 71st day of the year of triple digits. And finally got home at the time I woulda got home if I'd stayed at work. My co-worker, The Captain, e-mailed me at home and said I shoulda stayed cuz it was "easy money." I had to draw the line. We had no work. Sure, we would have talked, laughed, and surfed the 'net like we've done the last few days--yet enough was enough. I had to get up and get on with doing something than just waste my time. Then this pot I posted. It is a 6 inch terra cotta pot, painted with Plaid's Folk Art acrylic black for the base. Then I used that nifty natural sea sponge just bought. Sponged the colors Metallic Pure Gold and Metallic Copper all over the pot. Kinda fun. And in conclusion--I really liked what I did today!


Old Kitty said...

I'd have gone to see the Lion King too!! And if you'd stayed at work that beautiful pot may not have been made! Yay!!! It's lovely btw - the pot is truly transformed! Well done you!!!

Have a great weekend! Take care

Thomasina said...

Thank you, Kitty!! I liked doing it!