Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Good

That's what today is. Got my Hallelujah Praise on at MY church, Inspiring Body of Christ Church. Choir had us all in the aisles. Pastor Rickie Rush's message had me thinking about what I "say" to God. Ya gotta speak it. Not just think it. Great day. I don't feel like headin' to work on Monday either. That might be one of those "speak" things I really need to pay attention to. On the terra cotta pot front, I actually tried a different technique called for a sponge to apply the acrylic paint. Imagine my surprise, when the directions called for a sea sponge and there really is a reason to actually use a sea sponge. Not the sponge I had on hand to clean the pots. Hmm. So yes, to buy a sea sponge is on my 'to do after work list' for Monday. Anyway, take a look at the cat. He's tellin' me to take it easy, cuz there's still some Sunday left to enjoy. The Blue Bell Tiramisu ice cream will indeed help!

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

LOL! A sea sponge and not the washing up sponge! Oh dear! Hope you find this sea sponge- sounds like a real creature from the deep!

Awww Handsome Noir is a wise cat indeed! Enjoy your ice cream!Take care

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