Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Shines

And such a beautiful Saturday morning it is here in Dallas. The cat has the right idea. Opened windows for everyone! I tell you what, having these few days off from work have been nothing less than Heaven. The million things I planned to do on these days off--well, I've made a dent in. Truly. Today I do need to dash and buy a new printer. The one I had, which was free--has paper jam which I can't find where any more paper is jammed. I've even removed dust. A couple weeks ago, the printed started to hum before it made its louder than usual loud noise before it printed. The printer drank more ink than I did frappucinos. The printer was given to me by a chum 6 months ago. It sat in the unopened box for a year or two. So I've gotten my money out of it! After the printer stuff gets done, I need to write my autobiography for one of my classes. Only 6-7 pages. Wow. My life in 6-7 pages. Talk about Reader's Digest Condensed version! Nonetheless, it is a splendid day the Lord has made. And I gotta go out and rejoice in it!

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Old Kitty said...

It sounds like a most glorious day to be out and about!! Yay!! Hope you find a good printer too! Enjoy your day and good luck writing your biography in so few pages!! Take care

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