Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

National Holiday here in the States. I chose to not labor so much today. The weather is absolutely perfect! Barely mid 80's F. No more triple digit heat for awhile. Heck, we might be done with triples--however I won't believe that until late October!

Good day. Windows open. Did breakfast with a swell guy chum, who is actually a high school classmate. We did chatter up for 2 hours. Laughed quite a bit too. Good for a guy I think. Told him about pots and writing. In fact, I took him a test pot to see. Now he has more of my vision, and quite supportive. I realized I didn't finish my pancakes.

Headed on later to do late lunch with a good girl chum. No five hour gab fest at Macaroni Grill, as with my other girl chum the other night--only about 2 1/2 hours today! :) We laughed. Chatted. She is taking drawing classes, which I didn't know even drew. Quite impressed with her handy work. I still had the test pot in my purse, so I showed her, and our waiter. The waiter--if he was 21--said he could see it on the window sill, like when you doin' dishes. Nice guy. And he got a tip.

And the roses posted here? Made outta duct tape. Alot of duct tape. Next ones I'll do better. I figured out what I did wrong--it's all in the 'fold'.

So for now, I'm headed outside because the four story stack of dishes in the sink can wait, sit in the shade and read a fun book: "First Love Cookie Club" and

Enjoy the rest of the your Labor Day everyone!

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Old Kitty said...

Those roses are made out duct tape?!?!?! Oh Tommy!!! They're BRILLIANT!! Look at them - wow!!! They're amazing!! And yay that your pots are gaining fans!! Wonderful!!

Happy Labor Day!!

Take care

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