Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Friday

September already. Really? Seems like I yesterday, I was just in midst of the count down down to my April birthday. Hmm. Anyway, to our next topic.

Last night got together with a girl chum of mine I call Bride. She just got hitched a year ago. Bride had a daytime job which was working in the same department as me until she got laid off this Spring. Bride is also an actress I've had the pleasure to see do her thing in local theatre. We meet up at On the Border at 5PM to catch up. At 10:10, we finally said goodbye out side On the Border's doors.

5 hour girl gab session. Yup. We gabbed everything. I made a decoupaged terra cotta pot just for her. It had had quote from actor Morgan Freeman on it. Bride loved it. Made me feel good. Talked about my writing, work etc. Then we talked about her work.

Bride will be in two movies next year. In one she's an extra, while the other she's a principal character. Bride showed me pictures. We laughed. I was so proud of her. She wants me to get back to writing. I can see writing something for her, that shows her vibrant spirit.

Our waitress kept asking us if we were OK. Sure we were. One moment we'd laugh till we cried. Then the other we were so intent on what the other said. People came and went and we still sat there. Our food got cold. I had a buzz from all the strawberry lemonade I splashed down. Didn't care. Nope. Didn't care at all.

5 hours.

One of the best block of 5 hours ever!

Girl gab good.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Good for Bride!! What a fab friend and going places - good for her!

May you have many more wonderful lunchdates with this amazing friend!

Take care

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