Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tweet on Tuesday

Been a couple days since I've been here. Hope all is well with everyone. I have a cherry limeade to keep me me company.

I tell ya, my cat is pretty hissed off at me because we haven't been on his blog in a few days either. I noticed his purrs have pretty much stopped and the hard bite on the fingers has begun. And at night, when you think Denzel Washington is giving you 'the sign' and you wake up to a 12 pound gray with black stripes tabby chomping on your fingers...
Not amused.

Anyway, I have my major assignment to work on for my Multicultural Perspectives class. We had to pick a country of our choice and get the instructor's OK. We have a 'fact sheet' to work on for our country. Pretty in depth it will be. So what country do I pick? Why, one I've don't know anything about that has part of my given name in it, and the only time I heard it was when a contestant for the Miss Universe pageant was being introduced and I asked out loud: Where is that?

Burkina Faso is land locked country in Western Africa. Was a French Colony from 1898 to 1960 and called Upper Volta during that time. And I can tell you--at least so far: Burkina Faso is the 3rd least developed country in the world--behind Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Life span is only about 50 years, mainly due to AIDS and French is the official language, with about 60 others thrown in. This paper is due in a few weeks. I'm sure I will be an honorary citizen of Burkina Faso by then...

Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

You know this is the first and last time I'm going to say yay for miss universe because it's got to introduce Burkino Faso! Oh Tommy - I hope you have a great time researching this country. I touched on its history when I was reading History for my degree - amazing, fascinating country!

Awwww much as think of Denzil Washington as my husband he comes way behind the ever so adorable Handsome Noir! :-) Take care

texastanya said...

We sponsor a little boy from Burkina Fas through Compassion International. We read up on it when we started a couple of years ago, but you'll have to fill me in on the latest. :-)

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