Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tweet

I am determined to print on napkins and not destroy napkins, or printed paper jams in the process. As much as I like tissue paper for my decoupage on terra cotta pots, I so favor the look of napkin more.

Today I picked my classes in my new school. Even met one of my professors. He seems like a nice guy. I met him while I met with y advisor. We all laughed. The school is Christian based. I never once thought I'd see me in a faith based much of anything. Amazing. Anyway I'm taking two classes. Since I've not been to this school before, I was weary to take more. They also offer mini--mesters, which you do a class every day except Sunday or maybe even Saturday-for a week. The school has these during their break times. That's an option. I'm excited! I do need to get a new mindset to see Jesus in the my texts.

And mindset--yea, print on the napkin. Oh, thought about trying to make strawberry....

Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Yay for your new school! I hope you are very very happy there!!!

Good luck with the napkin artwork on the pots!! Take care

The New Me said...

Being an academic purist I'm wondering why one would be looking for Jesus in texts at a liberal arts college.

Kinda creates a contradiction in terms, no?

Thomasina said...

No contradition at all. Why? Because the school I've transferred is a Christ centered liberal arts university here in Dallas. Hence, the educational platform has some Jesus in the texts.I like the thought of it.I am working on my Bachelor's of Sciene in Sociology. I'm also thinking Master's.

The New Me said...

i see

Thomasina said...

I 'see' too. More than I ever did in my past--and I like it!