Saturday, August 13, 2011

Terra Cotta Pots Made Saturday Perfect

Last night I stayed up later than I planned to finish the 20 terra cotta pots for the writers' conference I volunteer for. I was proud of myself as I got the hang to print on tissue paper. I realize tissue paper will be my paper of choice. The quote along with the actual logo for the conference printed out better than I planned.

This morning at the conference, we put a pot on each of the 20 tables set up. The founder of the writers' conference even told the audience I made them. I saw people pick my 4 inch decorated terra cotta pots and inspect it. Each pot had a piece of colored tissue paper inside of it. I liked the look. Did I take a picture?

At the end of the conference, during a reception for key note speaker, I notice one of the attendees has a pot. I thought that odd, since the reception was in a different room than my pots had been in. I wound up giving a pot to the keynote speaker and thought that was the end of it. I just figured we'd go back to the original room, get our stuff, pack up the remaining 18 pots and go. I wondered what the conference founder would do with the left overs. Back in the original room, I noticed the tables were bare. I thought the other volunteers had just packed up the room.


The conference founder announces to me, the attendees just snapped up the pots. Huh? Another volunteer concurred. I'd left that room and headed to the reception locale, before the founder finished her wrap up. Evidently folks wanted the pots as a give-away. So those 18 pots got gave. I was told some folks took 2 or 3 pots.

Really? I admit I looked at the pots, as they sat on the table, thinking I really need to touch that one up. In fact I had a brush and blue paint in purse! I'm still in disbelief. People liked my pots!!

I did realize new logistics in the making of pot--- yet that's for another post. Right now, my feet hurt, the Mocha Frappucino melts and the cat stares me as I type this.

My pots. People liked them. The day was good as it was, yet that little part made it purt near perfect!


Old Kitty said...


CONGRATULATIONS you talented creative woman you!!!! See?!?!?!?! Well of course people LOVED your pots!!!! Well done you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awwwww YAYYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so happy for you - so so so so so happy! You deserve a great big cup of frappuccino with extra dollops of ice cream!!! Brilliant news! Well done you!! Yay!

Here's to the next 20+ pots yet to come and be snapped up!!! :-)

Take care

Thomasina said...

Kitty, thanks for the kind words! You have been a constant support system! If we met up to chit chat one day, I'd buy YOU a Frappucino~~ :)

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