Monday, August 22, 2011

I Heart Cats --again--

Had this chat today at work, which I have had already. Mentioned this topic on this blog too. "If a man wants to marry you, but he doesn't like cats what would you do?" This question was posed about 7 different times (at least she thought that many) by my co-worker, The Captain--we'll call her TC from now on. TC has brought this up a couple times. She's been married for 16 years. Said when she first got with her hubby, her cat hissed at him. Hubby said "Cat's gotta go". TC was about 20 at the time. So the cat went. I told TC, if I were in my 20's and some guy was all into me, the cat may have gone too. Not now. TC's argument was no man wants to be with a woman with multiple cats. I told her, by the time somebody asked me to marry him, we would have had this conversation about pets. I'm a pet person--whether cats, dogs or ferrets. So if he waits to present me with a ring and then says, "Oh, yea and baby, Fluffy needs to find house for the litter box...." I'm too old to deal with that. My life experiences, the men I've known, that fact I'm grown older. Didn't matter to TC as she kept saying, "But the man wants to marry you...."The man is telling me give up something I love. An ultimatum. As long as it's not illegal or hurting anybody--he wants me to forgo something I love. I ain't feelin' that. Not everybody is an animal person, I do get that. I can respect that, as long as you don't boast about harming an animal. Then my claws would come out. Back to topic: Early in the relationship. It would be up to the man if he can honestly handle cats. If not--well, we'll be chums that maybe do just coffee. Things could change--without push from me. TC just kept on with, "But he wants to marry you! You'll be alone for a long time if you pick the cats over a man." I remind TC, I'm not picking anybody over anything, besides I asked TC what if the man has something I don't like? Is he going to give that up for me? Silence from TC. Then I say, "I'll never be alone, I have God with me always." And TC rolled her eyes, which I told her I caught her doing. TC asks me don't I want to curl and cozy up at night to somebody at night? Well, of course I do. TC reminds me since I have cats, that ain't gonna happen. I smile and tell her I so do disagree. God has plans for me. That's all that matters. TC rolls her eyes again.
Conversation done--again.

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Old Kitty said...

I'm like - "TC go away and leave lovely Tommy alone. Or please try and understand about true love. True love will never ask for such a sacrifice!! So there! Raspberies!" LOL! :-)

Take care

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