Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clip a Little or a Lot

As I went to stand in the check out lane (only one was open), I realized the lady ahead of me had a bunch of full carts, and two more to go. I saw her folder filled with coupons.

I groaned. I was hot. Tired. And didn't really want to wait in the only checkout lane to pay for my 7 little items. Then the lady ahead of me said the other lane was open. I dashed there and plopped my 7 items down.

Soon I heard the cashier helping the lady, say, "You thoought it would be negative? No, it's...."

I couldn't hear what the cashier said. However, my cashier filled me in. She asked me if I could believe what happened. I told her I had no clue as I dug for a 20 dollar bill to pay my 12 dollar and one cent worth of 7 items. What happened?

Turns out the lady with the folder of coupons had a bill of over $500 and only paid 73 cents.


And the lady was upset because she did not have a negative balance? I guess that 73 cents was meant for something else. I saw how long the tape was. I saw the number of she had.

Where was I? Not a mega grocery store by any means. I wasn't even at Wal-mart or Target. I was at the Dollar General Store. Which is a chain of little neighborhood stores with everyday inexpensive items and/or discontinued. In and out and fast. I usually buy all my name brand cleaning products there, including toilet tissue--cheap.

That's it. And maybe a bag of trail mix or make up for a buck.

So what in the world did this lady get for 500 bucks? I was too much in shock to ask. I watched her and the kids pile sacks in the car. I did see a lot of DAWN dish liquid.

Guess clean dishes will never be in question in their house.

I took my 12 dollar and one cent worth of items home. Felt like I'd spent 12 million instead.

Does everybody clip coupons? I may need to get serious and start .

Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Wow!!!! that's a hell of a lot of coupons!!! Wow!!! Really?!?!!?!?

Good grief, maybe I should save some coupons too!! Take care

Songbyrd said...

Man!! I've never heard of saving that much with coupons! I can't believe she 1) spent $500; 2) clipped that many coupons; 3) got MAD because she had to spend 0.73!

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