Monday, July 11, 2011

Transfer for Terra Cotta Pots

On my pots, I've had trouble with the artwork not looking how I want it to look. Done tranfers with packing tape, contact paper and recently Omni Gel. I loved the quality of the Omni Gel. Will definitely use it for something else, like the 4 and 3 inch pot, yet not the six inch. The artwork still looks like a picture just slapped on the pot.

Ain't feelin' that.

So I have some new things things to try. Avery Clear Sticker paper. I didn't know this even existed until today. Plus waterslide clear decal paper. These items weren't expensive, yet the bad thing is I had to get ink for my inkjet printer--which was more than I want to pay. I wanted to stay away from printing anything on my own printer, yet I may not have a choice.

The look of the artwork is the last thing to make have happen on these pots.*

Stay tuned.

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