Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Stuff

Sunday was/is a GREAT day! I journeyed to my church, Inspiring Body of Christ Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush. The message was on 'suffering' and we go thru it. The best thing about suffering is--it will pass. We got to be patient and put our trust in Him. Again Pastor Rush spoke how some folks may not 'get' you. It's those times, where others may see your light, yet not ready to grasp it. That's OK, because there are those that will and be there to encourage you. There was more--and I tell ya it was ALL good.

After I got my Praise on, and felt rejuvenated for the week, I headed to Michael's Crafts. It was just about 10 minutes from church and becoming my home away from home. I spent 23 bucks in there. It might as well be 23 million. I've been more in Michael's crafts these last five months than I've been there in the two decades I've lived in Dallas. I ain't joking. I'm floored I buy anything in there, that costs more than a dollar. The few times I went in there, before my whole, 'inner crafty' thing kicked in, all I got was a fake flower or two. That's it--then they had to be ON SALE before I did that! So a couple things included in that 23 bucks was Folk Art Crackle Medium and Mod Podge that's suppose to sparkle--yes, sparkle. OK. Both of these products, let me tell you. The crackle medium, I found out a couple weeks ago. Never knew it existed. The Mod Podge in different versions. I thought it just was matte or glossy. Never the less, these are products not in my vocabulary prior to Valentine's Day 2011.

What's next? Taking classes on the Old and New Testament?

A slice of strawberry filled cake awaits.

Stay tuned.

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