Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Print On Paper Napkins

Ain't for me.
Yea..yea. That whole practice makes perfect thing--
It could be the printer-
Or, as I don't wanna admit it: could be me!
I can print on napkins. So if I can, you certainly can.
The thing is to get the napkin to feed thru the printer.
I do anchor the 3 ply dinner napkin to a piece of cardstock
I realized, on my printer anyway, I need the end that feeds into the printer
Must be the actual cardstock and not napkin covered.
Otherwise the cardstock covered napkin goes right thru the printer
With nary a drop of ink on the napkin. Not amused.
So after about 5 napkins, I left about a quarter inch of cardstock uncovered
And napkin was printed on almost beautifully,
I wasn't almost out of ink, hence the picture came out too light...
I do love the look of napkin as decoupage-
And yes, practice DOES make perfect...
My guess is I need more practice to find somebody
Who prints on napkins perfectly and inexpensively....
Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Wow!!! I'd never have thought of putting napkins through a printer!! Wow!! Good for you!!

Take care

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