Thursday, July 14, 2011

Decoupage 911

After work I headed to the little neighborhood crafty store: Googly Eyes Had a "test" pot in tow with a waterslide decal and two different poses on napkins decoupaged on it. Yep, napkins. One of the napkins had a bird on it, and the other napkin had one of my own pictures printed on it***** The decal looked OK. The bird looked great, while my printed photo on napkin, needed more black ink, possibly another printer, and a sturdier napkin**All in all, I felt like the last piece of mulberry paper, waiting to be used. Overall I LOVED the look of the napkin decoupage. Eventho my printed piece wasn't so lovely. My question to one of the owners at Googly Eyes, did she know anybody who printed on napkins. After my adventure of to print and to tear napkin layers so I could decoupage--wasn't feelin' any more long term printin'. ***** The co-owner did gave me wonderful suggestions about the decal, possible accents on my terra cotta pots, crackle medium and try to print on tissue paper. Done done tissue paper before, yet it's been a few months. Didn't want to print, yet I grabbed another 'test' pot. ***** The second time thru the printer, the tissue paper got printed on. I anchored mine to a sheet of cardstock. Honestly, I do like how it's drying on the pot. However I realized I do not want to print anything more myself. ***** All I could think of: I may need a better printer and the overall hassle of anchoring tissue paper or napkins. Especially if I wind up doing more pots for people.*****Sure. Yea. I hear ya, practice does make perfect.
In the picture: Up left is a kitty (yep really!) sniffs a tulip. That's the one I printed on the napkin. The bird was on the napkins I bought at Party City. The other kitty in the corner is on the waterslide decal.

Now time to practice on some pepperoni pizza.


Old Kitty said...

I think these pots are fabulous!! It's amazing that you've printed on tissue paper?? Wow!!! Keep going - you're really there with these pots! Yay! take care

Thomasina said...

Thanks, Kitty! The main thing about the tissue paper and the napkins is that that don't come off the anchor you got them on. I taper the paper to cardstock. I maybe should have glued it down. Thanks for your support.

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