Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Look At Change

Change. Yep. Not talking about terra pots this day (even tho I did buy some pretty tissue paper to decoupage with). Today is about change to my education. I've spoken about papers and such, due for school. I want to transfer to another place of higher learning. My education is quite important to me. I want it to be more in depth and not just 'easy' to get thru.

I spoke to my school about when I could withdraw. June 7 was the earliest. I wanted to have my next steps already in place by then. Well, that didn't happen. I spoke to other schools, and some would not talk to me until I registered and enrolled then they would tell me if my hours would transfer.

Wasn't feelin' that. If I was all into business (and I don't mean just my own cat business) I'd be set. Well, I'm not all into business--never have been. And I'm not 18 anymore either to hear "Have you thought what you want to do when you graduate?"

Sure I do. I'll pop the 12 year old college advisor up side her head and steal her Barbie lunch pail.

I digress.

Anyway, today I did visit another school. I liked it. They talked to me about my degree plan. I agreed with it--then it came to transcript time. I didn't even think to bring them. Nobody has taken time to even look at anything--so why should have this time be different? Well, the kicker was--which I had to explain, my current school says I now I owe them $$ so I can't get my transcripts.

Yep. Eventho I got financial aid plus two grants I owe them bucks. Why? Because, me thinks, I brought up the fact I thought of transfer. Suddenly a grant I was awarded LAST YEAR was cancelled because, gee, wouldn't you know it, the grant people calculated wrong. And then the grant I was awarded the beginning of THIS year--it's on hold, because, gosh, they didn't get my paperwork.

See, that's pretty funny, because on the second grant, I still had the e-mail from another advisor lady acknowledging she received my fax. Which was February 2011. I forward those e-mails and another copy of my paperwork to my head financial person . So far, no response.

Which means I can't get my official transcripts until this mess is cleared up or write em a check. And ya know--as ticked as I am--I might just do that, especially if this doesn't work itself out. Since the school I visited, and any other, requires them. Of course, I never thought of getting them before I talked about transfer. I held off until that newest grade was entered.


Yep. Change is a comin'.
Stay tuned.
In the meantime, new tissue paper awaits.

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Old Kitty said...

They never make things easy do they!??! They being the bureaucracy that is strangling your application to this school of your choice! Good grief!!!

But I say these are teething problems and I do hope that once they get sorted out - you'll be up and away!! Yay!! Am sending you tons of positive vibes!! take care