Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Terra Cotta Turndown...

Well, I did branch out a bit more with my terra cotta pots. Yup. Today was the last day for Johnnie, a co-worker who retired. Wanted to give her something that would remind her of me. So why not a pot with a plant in it? *****So had another blue pot, like I showed in previous post. Tried to make it alittle bit better. Which meant me learnin' how to hang with LESS Mod Podge on me and the pot. The philodendron went in and I thought it's looks OK. The pot didn't quite make me want to beg Neiman-Marcus to put me in that infamous Christmas catalog of theirs. However s'OK.*****Johnnie seemed touched, eventho the plant looked a little 'lived' in. I'll be honest, the cats had munched some of the leaves. I didn't realize how bad, until I cut some of the worst ones away. Johnnie did laugh at that. She thought the pot was 'cute'.*****I watched Johnnie's reaction. It wasn't "OMG, it's gorgeous". It was more like "Yea. OK. It's cute." No exaggeration. See, when Dodger, another co-worker gave Johnnie a darling apron he'd embroidered, Johnnie couldn't stop her gush of Dodger is so talented and should be in business and how wonderful the apron was. We both could be Johnnie's kids. I felt I came home with the C, while Dodger had the A. I looked at my little pitiful flower pot and ....*sighed******So tonight, I've thought what I could have done different? Granted, Johnnie was not a cat person--yet said, she would always remember who gave the pot to her. So maybe I should have done the pot in something different--like what SHE liked. *****In my haste, I want folks to like my pots. I want feedback to improve, that I guess I forgot it was about Johnny. She likes jams. I could have done jam labels or somesuch. Next time...*****Anyway, once I got home, I studied my test pots and pictures. Also even tho cat was on it --something is still missing...Oh well. The positive is I've lost some of my vulnerability in showing my pots. They've got to be better.
*****ALOT better so I can maybe say "OMG!" as Neiman-Marcus hands me a check for the pots they purchased!
Not there----yet. Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

Awww Tommy!!! I'd have given you an A++++++!! Awww but a C from lovely Johnnie who isn't kitty crazy is brilliant!!! I think so anyway - so yay for you!!! And now you have ideas of how to change your pots to suit the person so that's really good! GOOD LUCK - you can only improve and grow with experience and trial and error!! But you mustn't give up!!!! Yay! take care

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