Monday, May 23, 2011

Terra Cotta Cute....Maybe

Have I finished a pot yet? Uh...well....

Let's say I'm real good at getting the pots primed. My cup of impatience runneth over. My 8 inch pots, which from now on, are called 'big pots' just haven't been the 'vision' I have for them. Close, yet not quite the dish of cookies' n cream I imagine.

Over the weekend, I thought about 4 inch pots. Which somewhere around this adventure was a thought to use. I have co-workers that are leaving the company. I'd like to give them a little something that reminds them of me. So I began to fiddle with 4 inch pots and pictures.

I realize my biggest issue (with myself) is that I don't give myself permission to 'just try'--I don't need to have the pot covered or think I must. A few months, I discovered I was a minimalist. I may like big and bold, yet to not over do it. That's what I've done on some test run pots.

Already went to Wal-mart and got my Folk Art acrylic blue paints. Michael's has it's own brand for about 40 cents cheaper. It would cost me more in gas to go to the nearest Michael's. To the point I bout know all of Folk Art's colors.

Will paint my primed 4 inch pots tonight. I think they will be cute. You're gonna hafta trust me on that.

I may show you later...maybe

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Yes please!!!! I'd love to see these cute pots all made up by you!!! Yay!! I think you should just go with what your artistic soul says!! take care

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