Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today I attended the memorial service for the mother of my chum, Van. Her mother actually passed away two Saturdays ago. That Saturday was our scheduled writers' group meeting and I was in charge of the treat.

As I arrived at the home of another member, Viking, with a chocolate fudge cake in hand. Viking ran out to my car and told me what happen. Van' s mother had collapsed at home, taken by ambulance just a few hours ago. She had been resuscitated and was on life support.

Viking drove us both to the hospital and we stayed for awhile. I returned after Viking took us back to her house. I must tell you, Viking is an 80 year old woman of style and grace, and a breast cancer survivor. The rest of the afternoon, I stay with Van. It wasn't like our usual 3 hour coffee chat at our favorite haunts, La Madeleine's--yet we did sit, she tried to laugh, and had her tears. It was just the two of us. Family, including Van's husband, arrived later, including her 13 yr old niece, who was so mature.

I said good bye at 6 Pm. I found out Van's mom did not regain consciousness and passed away about 6:40 PM. Van was at her mom's beside.

Today at the memorial, I met more of Van's family. Listened to Viking read a poem Van's mother had written in 1967. Van needed a poem for her 3rd grade class and forgot to find one. This was WAY before the Internet. So while Van readied for school, her mom WROTE the poem and Van took it to school.

It was was good, yet bittersweet day. The service was held in the chapel of a funeral home. As I left, I struck up a conversation with a young lady who actually was the funeral director. Also a man, who would be licensed next month--I enjoyed talking to them. They said I would be a great speaker for a grief group they have, plus the compassion to be a funeral director. Well, I don't about all that--yet was nice to hear.

Saturday. How they all differ. Just how life is.

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Old Kitty said...

It's nice to have a service to remember a very creative woman -much missed mother and poet!

Take care

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