Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10:00 PM

Change does blow in the wind. My job is about to change to something else again. I won't bore you with details, 'cause folks aren't that sure what the details really are. I've not lost my job. It is being skimmed down-infact 500 or so people are being hired for the NEW job that's been put on the table, which includes a part of my job in the new mix. The new job goes live on Aug 1, or needs to be runnin' by them---just something...The thing is, nobody knows. I'm all for risk. Just this is a bit...well.....The other thing is I'm 99.9% sure I'll transfer to another school. I still have to talk to the advisors of the new school. I AM excited. Still the same degree plan--with more depth. The good thing, I can transfer after the current class I'm in. It ends on June 6. I would love for today to be June 5 right now....And my launch into my cat business. Now, I've figured I'm up to TWO, count 'em TWO items. I just hope people like em. And yes, I realize Nieman-Marcus had to start SOMEWHERE! Stay so tuned on all of that. This crafty journey has been--well, a journey, however I'm glad I got on the train to take it....When you think alot of change is going on, and ya wonder--just wonder how it'll all turn out. There's just the look of a cat...

...and ya know, everything is really OK.
It always should be--

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Old Kitty said...

Wow!! Change is in the air!! I hope your work situation settles down! Good luck!!!! I hope you are ok!

As for your school transfer - how exciting!!! I wish you all the best with this transfer! Yay!!

Awww what have you created?!!? I can't wait to see!!

Yay too for Brother Earl Gray and The Look! Take care

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