Friday, April 29, 2011

They Did....

....and so did I. Woke about 4:40 AM, which was 10:40 AM in London. Reached for the remote and watched everyone arrive at the Westminster Abbey. I, for one, think Kate's dress was gorgeous.! It fit 'her',unlike Diana's poofy, wrinkled dress in 1981.

To look at William, I just think of his mother. Anybody that watched Diana and Charles wed, had to see the difference in the two ceremonies---30 years apart. Also, Diana's funeral was held there in 1997, I wondered what William thought. Bittersweet in a way.

William and Kate look so in love. Hey, I'm a hopeless romantic....I STILL want a tiara.

Such festiveness in England, while folks here in the US try to regain their lives after tornado literally tor their towns apart. The storms that victimized the Mississippi and Alabama, had earlier been in Texas. I was spared any damage, yet folks east of Dallas weren't as lucky, yet the devastation was nothing like Mississippi or Alabama.

It's something how one day can have different meanings and memories.

I pray everyone on this day is able to build anew and good--no matter the time it takes

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Old Kitty said...

It's so awful about the devastation in the southern US. The news keeps getting worse. I'm glad you and your kitties are ok. My heart goes to all those affected.

Oh the wedding was lovely!! I thought it was just perfect - and Kate's dress was just gorgeous too!

Take care

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