Saturday, April 30, 2011

Terra Cotta Paint Pot II

A few days ago, I spoke about my spray paint adventure and terra cotta pots. I showed them to some chums of mine who I knew would be honest with: "It's great!" or "Yea, it sucks." For the most part I got a thumbs up. The paint was not on as neat as it could be. I called it my "Rough Draft".
So we move on today. I did actual mock up, using Mod Podge, the photo and tissue paper. Just not all at the same time. I was curious what the picture would look like by itself, and what a hodge podge of tissue paper would look like:

Interesting, after the Mod Podge dried. Yet I'm not ready to start my own blog on "How to Terra Cotta"...I'll leave to the experts.
What I have decided is, I will use acrylic paint. Get more for my buck and use more of my hands. As much I as I love the ease of spray paint, I spray too much. Sure, practice would make perfect- I thought of maybe using plastic pots--or lighter weight terra cotta, if there is such a thing.
There will be a Terra Cotta Paint Pot III. Just hope I have something more positive to show 'n tell...
Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

Well I look forward to pot 3! I think this pot looks so amazing already!!! Take care

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