Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Shines

This is in my backyard. Right now. Right as I type this. I think--key word--think, it's a tiger lily. Anybody want to confirm or tell me what it is? Today was a gorgeous day in the neighborhood! The sun did shine, no wind and about 75 degrees-just right, as the baby bear would say! One of the sweet things today, was going to a book signing for one of my writers' group members. She is 80 years young. Breast cancer survivor and just as vibrant as she oughta be. Very proud of her. As she is proud of her Scandinavian heritage, which is what her book is about. The life of a Viking girl name Gudrid. Have a I read it? Well, no--the author knows I haven't. I've read parts of it. We helped her tweak it. Nice lady. We all want to be like her when we grow up! Back to the flower. I've thought these last few days of somehow miraculously get another house. A newer one. With so many on the market, yet to sell mine would be hard. Then I look at my backyard, which is the reason--I bought this house, and wonder how I could even think about leaving? Then I ponder if some of these plants could be transported--if I did miraculously got another house? The little lady who lived here, with her husband and raised her 3 sons, loved her flowers. Where these flowers are in a bed, where she mix and matched flowers. Something blooms all year round. It ones of those things I ponder about. Oh well, when the time is right... In the meantime, I can say Saturday did so shine!

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