Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Today...

The picture is me,

on an Easter Sunday about 100 years ago. I remember that hat--I HATED that hat. It kept falling off my head. I think the plastic string was busted. Those gloves---uck. Yea, let's just say I pretty hated the whole outfit, which included hair!
The church, Bethel Baptist, was literally right across the street from my house. I'm sure I had a bible verse to recite, which I'm sure I may have messed up. Nerves. Back then and for alot of years, I was not thrilled going to church, on Easter or any Sunday for that fact.
Why? I didn't like the way I was treated. I seemed to be an outcast. Never seemed to be like the other kids. I was singled out. So Church was always not a fun place for me. Nothing to do with my belief in Him--just made sure I had other things to do.
Fast forward to Easter 2011. The last nine consecutive Easter Sundays I've attended church, because I WANT to. Today was no different. Not a seat empty in the sanctuary, which translated into over 4000. I can't explain the electricity that zips thru the room. Alot of us our "At This Level" t-shirt on. We're not a fancy church, yet we are on one accord. For the first time, I was in the first row. That is something--and yes I was close to the pulpit.
Today is what I needed. Stuff on my mind fries me. The blessings that are ready to break through. Felt good to be there. Sure, some stuff the Pastor does, I disagree with and he understands--all in all, the Inspiring Body of Christ Church is my Home away from home.


Old Kitty said...

It's great to know that you feel you belong!

I think you look very cute in your outfit!!

Take care

Thomasina said...

Ahh, it so is, kitty! And the outfit--and least you think it's cute. Man, I couldn't stand it! :)

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