Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20, 2003 was Easter Sunday

In essence this coming Easter Sunday is an anniversary of sorts. My steps into a church. Steps I wanted to take and not steps parents pushed me to. Or even being the biggest Osmond Brothers fan and take seat in a LDS ward to listen to the Osmonds share their testimonies.

Yea, I wasn't feelin' the whole God thing back then. Hey, I admit I'd make fun of folks and call them 'holy rollers'. Why would anybody give up sleepin' in late and then --EEKS--miss NFL football--for CHURCH? Naw. Wasn't part of my plan. Hangovers had to be recovered from, pizza to be bought, wondered how quick Friday could roll around again to see if the guy I slept with remembered my number.

Yea. God, church and me. Not BFF's. I had too much other stuff to do.

In 2003 life was topsy turvy. I still grieved the death my dad, Big Daddy Don in '01. I'd get an e-mail from the lawyer saying I had to pay this and pay that. Dad, unfortunately died without insurance--which I didn't didn't know until after he passed. I guess, I should have kept on him about such things, yet I thought my step mother had a handle on it. She didn't. My fault I didn't talk to her--so long story on all that. I eventually was minus 12 grand.

My work situation was horrendous. I experienced the sensation of a boss trying to find something to get me fired. Why? Gotta ask her. My boss wound up being my boss due to a reorganization. This happened right after I was promoted, that job--a dream job--lasted 4 months, before the re-org. I wasn't able to stay. I won't bore with everything. From working together literally 6 working days, my new boss wrote me up because she 'saw things'. When I asked what, she couldn't answer--then to my birthday week in April, and another week before Easter 2003, she wrote me up not once--but twice. The last accusing me of gambling on company time. When I asked her HOW I did that, she had no actual proof. I proved her wrong on what she did have.

That was Thursday, the day before Good Friday 2003. Earlier in April something just popped into my head, "Go to church." I'm like "Huh?" and poo poo'd that off. CHURCH?
After the chat with my boss, I went straight to a co-worker who earlier told me about a church pretty much in my own back yard. She'd printed off directions because she knew I would be back. She said God told her. OK. Yea. OK.

I didn't drive past that night. Scared I think. So I waited for the next day. Good Friday. I couldn't even drive in the lot,. I just parked in front of the church. I remember saying, "I'm going to THAT?" Chills thru my body. I really wanted to go IN.

Eager for Sunday. I'd purchased a bible. Acted like I knew what I was.
Then on Easter, which is Resurrection Sunday, I got up on the day Jesus died.
And journeyed to my first, I really want to be here church service-
They have yet to stop...
I am blessed.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy!!! I'm so glad God and the Church were there for you when you really really needed them!!! I am so sorry to hear of these awful testing and painful times you endured. I'm just glad there was divine light at the end of this dark and dismal tunnel you were in!! Yay that you are now safe in the light! Take care

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