Saturday, March 12, 2011

You and I

Haven't been together too much in these last few days and weeks. It's me. Yes, it's me. I've let my job consume me more hours than I'd like. Then my current class is teaches me things I never heard of, --like me finding out I'm a deep ecologist, metaphysical and a minimalist. Yea. OK. And I can inform you about the krill population in the ice filled waters off Antarctica. Impressed, ain't cha?

Besides all that good stuff is happening. Like taking it to the next level in my ministry at the Inspiring Body of Christ Church, love the fact I do love my natural hair for over a year now-the compliments on its different degrees of curl, and then when I flat iron--who knew--I didn't.I was scared to go natural. And then young men, who could be my son--try to hit on me, and the fact I'm finally getting somewhere on my kitty business....the list goes on..and I intend for it to go on too--size 14/16 or not.

And top of all that--my birthday is next month. I like THAT a whole bunch!
So I am sorry You and I have not been together as much-
It has been me
I'll do better...promise.
In the meantime, I need me a little late, great Rick James to really tell us about "You and I"


Raymond and Busby said...

We think you rock. Go girl!

Thomasina said...

Ahh...thank you, Dudes! :) My kitty Noir sends somes purrs your way too!


Old Kitty said...

I love your new look!!!! Stunning and ever so sexy!! Yay for you!! Have a great Sunday!! Take care

The New Me said...

i KNEW it was you!

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

I am a cat. I live with Thomasina aka Tommy. It IS her fault.
She snores too and reeks of Wendy's Single Combo with sweetened tea.


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