Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Roars!

I LOVE this month! Always have, always will..
In these last couple weeks, since we met up, I finished another class, and began another. This is my second ethics class. I've discovered I am deep ecologist, a minimalist, and utilitarian.


And also let me tell you about the water pouring from the tube to my fridge's ice maker. Yep, came home and had a lake in my kitchen. A loaf of bread, protected in plastic, floated just ahead of Noah's ark, with my cats on it. Somehow this little round thingy cover on the back of the fridge got off and water just poured. Real long story short, I had to figure out to shut off that water. The knob was not under my sink, or behind my washer. I ran to my neighbor's who's house was like mine. The lever was by the hot water heater. By then, I could do my version of Singin' in the Rain without much trouble. Water made it to some carpet in my living area, not all--but enough.
I hate that carpet anyway.

That story is SO February anyway. Tonight, American Idol is back LIVE.
I am heating up the pasta
And ready to get my song on!


The New Me said...

yeah homeowners insurance!!!!

Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy!!!!!!!!!! What a thing to come home too! I am so sorry!!!! But yay for you for sorting it out (and thank you nice neighbour!).

So glad the kitties are ok!!! I hope you enjoyed your American Idola and pasta!!!

Hope all is well now!! Yay for March! Take care

Graphically Inclined said...

I just giggle every time I think about the kitties floating by on a loaf of bread. I sorry about the mini-flood and glad you got the help you needed. Will that be a good excuse to go new carpet shopping?

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