Monday, March 14, 2011

5 Years Ago Today

The last words I heard were "Put her out."
My chest was cracked open.
Machines pumped life thru ny body as I slept
My heart had to be stopped and
"Readjusted" so the surgeon could go behind and inside it
To replace my mitral valve, which I never knew existed until 2 weeks prior...
Work was done and heart jumpstarted
In recovery, I woke up sooner than expected-
Imagine that
They had to hunt down the surgeon to
OK the tube removed from my throat
In ICU, I was shot up with painkillers
Doozed in/out, mainly out
As "American Idol" was played on TV
Open-heart surgery 5 years ago today-
Will never stop talking about it
Death was the alternative
He had other plans.
4 days later the doctor said I could go home.
On this day, in 2011, I marvel at the
Birds in my yard and new blooms
Simple things. Great things.
5 years ago, I wondered how
Different my life would be
....and I am still in discovery-
I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...

We're blessed here in blogworld to have you around too lovely Tommy!!!! :-)

Take care

Graphically Inclined said...

What an incredible story! He truly did have other plans. I'm so glad you're here to enjoy your life and share your wisdom with others! I truly enjoy your blog.

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