Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too Much...

I know I got older and maybe a bit grumpier.
Had to walk at least two blocks this morning,
From my car to the door of my work
And this is from the job's parking lot.
You see, a few thousand other folks who also work there,
I am not one who gets to the job 30 mins before need to--
More folks have moved in, from other sites, hence the
Way out parking. There is no shuttle. Just feet.
Yea. Sure. The walk is good for me.
Somehow when it's 19 degrees F.
I don't feel it's so good-like it was today.
I could get there earlier--why break a 30 year old of NOT?
So I'm a little grumpy. Wide awake after the trek.
And don't say I'm not grateful because
I'm glad I DO have a job I can walk two blocks to
However, the flesh does come alive at times--
It was 19 degrees. Walked in colder when still lived up North
Realized I don't want to do it much more--
This cat card business better take off
Or I win the lottery,
Which of course I would need to first play the lottery.. ..
Where ARE my gloves?

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

But you did it!! You walked to and from work!!! I hope you gave yourself a little treat like more ice cream cos you've done better than most!!! I tend to do the lottery every few months or so!!! It's good to live in hope!!

Take care

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