Saturday, January 1, 2011


Kinda says it all, huh?
Ya know, on this first day of the New Year, I've already been in deep thought. Scary thought, ain't it?

On New Year's Eve night, I went to church, as so did the other four thousand or so that showed up at the Inspiring Body of Christ. Praise, with a touch of the Word, and a whole lot of party. A friend of mine went with me and enjoyed himself too. Although we walked out of church at 1:30 this morning. Still a half hour drive to my house, and another half hour to his. We'll see if he forgives me for that!

On with my deep thought--during the Word, Pastor Rush spoke of how not to fail, and one of the steps was "Let go of the past." Easier said than done. Once I got home, I'd promised two cats they could go outside and eat grass after the New Year. So at 2:15 AM, I'm in my backyard, cold, watching cats eat grass and saying my annual New Year's Give Thanks and Ask prayer. This was about the let go of the past.

I couldn't let past experiences, more so people, especially one in particular, hinder me from moving forward. The truth really being, which is bittersweet to admit, was the person I thought of, was really in the past. I hated to know. See, as New Year's Eves passed, I would think of this man. The romantic in me, hoped after 100 years he would realize his love for me, kinda like When Harry Met Sally...On one New Year's Eve, this man wrote a poem to me. I feel in love with the man who wrote it. The problem was, this man didn't continue to be the writer of the poem.

In my real world tho, Billy Crystal won't come running up to me. Nope, in my world, the reality is I've grown to know the past was just that, yet can still be a smile of a memory. I know for him it is too. And that's enough.

1/1/11 A brand New Year. Let's get the party started!

I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...

I love the thought of you standing at 2 am in your garden watching the kitties eat grass!! That's such a fabulous way to start the new year!!

This is such a lovely post! I always say embrace the past cos it's yours and yours only but also learn to let go and move on. It's easier said than done though and a lot of my past makes me melancholy. But not enough for me to regret any of it! They've made me the person I am now.

Happy new year!! Take care

Thomasina said...

HA! Maybe so. Both cats growled at me when I scooped em up to go back inside. It was COLD outside.

And I agree, melancholy, yet not a regret. I think of this man and I do smile of the memory...

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