Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday SunDown

....and with that the Dallas Cowboys BEAT the Peyton Manning and his Indy Colts. Granted, Peyton tossed an interception and the Dallas' deeee-fense shoulda been better--yet the COWBOYS won. Da Boys are now 4-8. Gotta admit, I wish the season just started instead of almost at the end....*sigh*

Headed to church today and IOBC's Pastor Rickie Rush told us about Solomon's buidling this grand temple for God. Basically Solomon 'just did it'--kinda like the Nike of his time. Before Christ even. Makes me realize I just need to do it...stay tuned.

As I was in the grocery, taking note of the ice cream selection (imagine that) a carton of strawberry caught my eye. It wasn't my normal brand, yet it was an OK brand , and my favorite price 'on sale'--then I took a good look at the carton's label. It was strawberry alright--mixed with PEPPERCORN. Hmm. I pondered and declined. The 'on sale' price was not enough for me sample strawberry with peppercorn.

I bought a you-bake-a-frozen pumpkin pie instead.

Sunday. All good.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Yay!! Just do it!! I like that!

Strawberries with peppercorn?? Good grief!!

I think the pumpkin pie sounds yummier!! Take care

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