Saturday, December 11, 2010

Over Do Did

Posted before about the desire to start my own cat card biz. It'll be named after a cat, who is the founder and CEC aka Chief Executive Cat. I already see these cards, stationary and maybe a t-shirt taking off. Yep, can see the success as plain as the car across the street.

Today I had the opportunity to launch it. A chum was peddling her jewelery line at a small craft fair. She said I could lay out a couple of cards. Nothing grand, just a few postcards I printed off with photos I'd snapped. I played with the effects and liked the end result. After the broo-ha-down in the toilet of finally figuring out how to get the printer to work--I did what I've done in the past--

I over did it. Yep. I worked two days on figuring out to MAKE the card, because my PC wasn't compatible with something. That's after I needed a new USB cable for the new printer. So once I got the printer down, I should have just done about a dozen. Just to see.

Naw, not me. I become an entrepreneur possessed. I do three different shots -one, I feel is a real 'money' shot. Total of 148 cards. Yep. So I head to where my chum was and I decided 4 for a $1. This was a small craft show--it was in a woman's house--so not as much traffic as I thought might be.

I got oohs and aahs. I even offered 4 to a lady and her daughter who had a cat--for free. She didn't take me up on it. Maybe she was mad that I didn't buy any of her daughter's homemade jewelry either.

Anyway, I soon left, because I was parked by a fire hydrant and I knew within a few minutes, this was not the right venue for me. A few postcards were left behind--just as a giveaway for my chum if she chose to. All in all, I did get reaction--which is what I wanted. I also know, I need a better, eye appealing product-like the type of card plus note cards I wanted to originally go with. All is possible. I AM an Aries.

I can so see the future, just like this kitty views from the window...

Yet, I sometime forget the 'get there' steps in the middle. Folks did like my photos. Made me feel good. So now I have 148 postcards in my possession. Can't wait to to figure who and where I mail them too...If you would like me to mail you one, send me an e-mail for snail mail.

Over did it. Yep.
However I'm glad I over did do it instead of not even doing at all.


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Yes please could I have one?? Thank you!!!

p.s. lots of blogs use cafe press - I don't know how that works but I have seen bloggers use them for their designs!

GOOD LUCK with this venture!!! Wow!!

Take care

Thomasina said...

Kitty---yes,indeed I'd love to send you and Charlie one. E-mail me and give me your address.

Once again, thank you for ALL your support!!


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