Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One December 15 was Sunday

..and this woman I'll call Ramblin' Sue was born. Not sure if she wants me to say the year so I'll it just as that--the December 15, I'm talking about was a Sunday. SUNDAY? A day of rest and Ramblin' Sue was born? I gotta laugh. Ramblin' Sue still remains anything but restful NOW. I can imagine when burst forth and I'm sure yowled loud enough so everyone knew Ramblin' Sue was finally here!

Ramblin' Sue may have seen stared each other down on the playground in grade school. Yet it was 4th grade I have my first vivid memory. We got in trouble. We sat by each other in the back of the room --wrong move there--. We passed notes to each other. I can imagine what the notes even said. This was 4th grade. I recall as we came inside from our recess, our teacher pulled us into the library. We were scolded. I don't remember what was said. I can't even remember if our moms were called. What I do remember was walking back into our classroom--all eyes on Ramblin' Sue and me as we watched our desks being separated. She on one side of the room and me on another. The SHAME!

Then fast forward to our Junior year in high school. I smile even now. It was our Junior Keggar (ya know, beer party) out in the middle of some field--literally. Ramblin' Sue picked me up in her--RAMBLER (her's was blue tho!)--

I had my beer mug in hand. Let's really forget this was my first night to partake in anything stronger than Hawaiian Punch. At the party I lasted about 30 minutes--literally--before I passed out.

What were we thinking? Nobody got hurt. You're 17, you're invincible. OK. Back to the story. I was pretty much out for the count the whole night in the back of a pick up truck. I missed the party--literally. People would shine lights on me and leave me be. Let's really forget I 'recalled' the party right before we left. After that, somehow I was poured into the back of Ramblin' Sue's rambler for the trek home.

To this day, I don't know what time we left. I don't even remember walking thru the front door. I do remember having the worse headache the next day and my Sweet Daddy Don asking me how I felt. Come to find out, Ramblin' Sue told me later they got me out of the car, and pretty much dumped me there because my dad stood at the front door--and that scared them.

She just knew my dad was gonna call her parents. He didn't. I don't remember my dad at the door at all. Through the years Ramblin' Sue laughed at that story. Through the years we talked and laughed alot and some of it--well--I just can't print here.

And for those memories, I'm glad a particular December 15 was a Sunday.

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