Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4, 1977 was Sunday

And I was into my first 24 hours of living in Kansas City.

Well, actually I was just right across the river in Kansas, in Shawnee--I think it was. I'd moved there there on Dec. 3, which was also friend's birthday. I hated leaving my hometown because we wouldn't have a chance to party with her. She was 19 after all. However, the friend over at my dad's house to see me off tho.

Back to Kansas City. I was to start a new job on on Monday, at a global motel reservation call center. For all of $450 a MONTH. Big money I thought. For the time being I was going to stay in a motel which was kinda walking distance, yet not quite really, from my new job. I wound up taking a cab which got me to work a hour late a few of those first days. I'm surprised I didn't get fired.

Looking back, maybe I should have. I mean, I moved from small town Iowa to Kansas City. A city with more than three stop lighs, withOUT a car. Plus, I really didn't have a place to stay--except this motel. I knew no one. I knew not where to go. The company that hired me said there could be folks to help me know the city and places to live. I learned later my step-mother had family in KC, yet no offer to stay with them materialized.

What I remember was not meeting any of my interviewers until I showed up on the first day. Really. Everything was conducted on the phone with a 200 mile distance between us. I guess things could be done like that in the 70's. Also the company was talking about GOING computerized. All our reservation taking, which included Australia, was separated by the color of paper we wrote on and a big board in front of us with "X" by locations sold out. WOW. Sounds so antique now, huh?

I ordered pizza for supper on this Dec 4 night--delivered--.

I had no kitchen area to cook in. I can't remember what exactly I did for food. I couldn't drive anywhere. I was in a major city without major transportation. I don't know why I didn't have some kind of jalopy to get me 'round. I would ask my dad why--and never got a straight answer from Big Daddy Don. Wonder if it was a way for me to stay dependent? Or he was just too broke enough to get me one?

Oh well. I quit the job in June 1978 and headed back to hometown Iowa. Six months to experience smokin' weed the first time, the virtues of vodka mixed with just about anything, first entry into a gay bar, lied about a family emergency so I could take off time to fly to Utah to witness Donny and Marie tape their original TV variety show (Priorities. We watched from the studio's green room and both D & M later came in), had sex for the second time ever (and not that sure I was doing it right) and I still no car as I shut out the lights on Kansas City and left.

And on this Dec 4 night in 2010, I smile. What a kid I was. And I'd do it all again.

Only maybe I'd make sure I have sex for the third time ever....... :)


Old Kitty said...

Oh what amazing memories!! Wow!! OH you brave impulsive woman you!! But then at 19? that's a great age to be like so!! Yay!! Oh wow - a great time for firsts too!!

I always say, never regret the past especially when you know in your heart it was the right thing to do at that time!!

Take care

The New Me said...

and wasn't every single moment fun?

Thomasina said...

.....and like I said--I'd do it all again... :)

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