Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

Christmas, that is. Just happened to be a Sunday with the chill in the air, yet the sun did shine. Made it to Inspiring Body of Christ Church today--for the second day in a row. Pastor Rickie Rush asked all the kids home from college to sit up front. Before that happened, and before I moved to give way to them, I sat by a young lady you workd on her PHd in Chemical Engineering. I told her, if I'd known here in high school--oh, I would have cheated off her in every math class.

One of the thing Pastor Rush touch on, was being a leader. The journey we need to go through to get there. How we may overlook was God has planned for us, because we go our own way. Another thing Pastor Rush said that hit home, if we want folks to quit thinking of us one particular way, we need to quit talking about it. I liked that.
Then there was a woman I spoke to, asked me if I head up othe PTA and what grade I taught in school. I told her my interest of working with high risk kids.

All good on This Day After Christmas.

I am blessed.

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Old Kitty said...

It's a lovely inpsirational and thoughtful way to spend the day after christmas!!

Take care

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