Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loss of a True Friend

That's exactly what this kitty was and always will be.

His name is Perry and is the same kitty in my banner and named after our hometown. When he was kitten, Perry would get in my bed, when I got out of it and then I nearly squashed him. Last night, for the final time, he made it up to my bed and just stayed there. So thin, unlike the kitty in this photo.

Perry died today. Kind of expected, yet not. Perry had a severe infection in his bladder and mouth and every point in between. His heart and lungs were good, yet the infection was better.

He spent a night in the hospital a couple weeks ago. I believe the vet thought something had to be wrong, even tho most of his numbers came back in a normal range. I hoped the antibiotics would work--in fact his temp was normal yesterday. However, I think Perry had a reaction to those antibiotics on top of everything else.

Perry just got worse. He died before I could hold him one last time today. The vet said Perry was a fighter--and thru my tears I said, "That's because he was from Iowa."

I'm sad tonight. Very sad. What else but a pet, would curl close to you when you didn't feel good or pet your head to tell you he's there? Or welcome you to the door with a hearty meow and didn't laugh when he saw you in 10 year old glasses or in the last days of his life, pulled your fingers closer to him when you stopped petting him?

Perry's resting place is under the branches of a crepe myrtle, outside my bedroom window. I have bird feeders in it and Perry liked to perch in the window. He'll like that. All up close and personal to the birds.

Perry showed up just days after I buried my dad as fat, orange butterball of fur. We bonded almost instantly. Of course, food was involved and it was love at 2nd site--his. Outside of the fact, Perry gave me ringworm during our drive back to Dallas, when he was bound and determined to sleep on my shoulder.

I always thought Perry was the last gift from my dad. And a forever gift Perry will always be. He is My One.

I am blessed.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Gosh how awful. The loss a good friend is endlessly sorrowful.

Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy. I'm still crying from his loss - I wept last night so bad because I know how much he means to you - how much this cranky ol Perry was such a comfort to you. He is forever bonded with you and forever there with you. I like that he is buried where he would truly love to be.

I am so so so sorry. He was a fighter and still is! I shall miss him. Please take care

Sarah-Bo-Barah said...

Hello friend,

I not even sure if you remember me. We met at a motherless daughters meetup event probably a year or so ago. We only met once i think, but i remember how inspiring your spirit was!

and somehow - way back when - I found your blog too! I have kept it bookmarked in the top of my browser for probably a year. And every few months I come to read a bit.

I am a fellow animal lover - with two "children" of my own... Shadow & Mia. They are my world. They were there when my 7 yr relationship failed, when my dad died last year, and for so much more. I've lost many pets over the years, but it never gets any easier.

Anyway, I just wanted to respond and let you know that I know what you are feeling.. and that I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending you warm thoughts during this difficult time. =)

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