Monday, October 11, 2010

High School Crush October 11, 1974

I was 16. He was 22. So adult and manly, I thought.
Nice, yet, me just another student to him.
So in love I was.
Ahh. Such a Rated G for General Audiences thing.
I still gotta smile.
He was a student teacher in my Iowa high school. Since he taught sophomores, I thought it OK to have a crush on him cuz, heck--I was a JUNIOR.
Every girl was in love with him. Blond hair. Blue eyes. Cute smile.
This day back in, 1974, marked his final day at our school. Girls came out of the crowded class room in tears. Boys hated to seem go because of he was tall and played basketball with them.
I was sad too, because he had my heart.
He was my first real crush that wasn't one of my classmates.
To look back he was always a gentlemen. Never approached me in a harmful way. I'd sit with him sometimes while he governed study hall or on the bleachers during a football game.
He made me laugh. He was cute. That was the extent of our relationship.
I can only imagine the lack of savvy I had at 16, especially when I wore bibbed overalls!
Nonetheless, that was his last day in our high school.
I went in to say my good byes in the now empty classroom--
He surprised me by his question if he could see me
The next day
For a special good bye.
I nearly fainted.

And I couldn't make the hours
Move faster for Saturday to get here...

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