Thursday, September 9, 2010

WFAA video of tornado moving across Dallas TX

Tornado in Dallas. Real close to Downtown Dallas. About 12 or so miles from me. When this hit yesterday, I'd just gotten home and worried this so dark Independence Day space ship shaped cloud followed me home. I just knew we were getting another storm to go with all the rain/flooding from earlier in the day.


I sat at my PC, my window faces southeast. So dark that way. A little wind kicked up but not as strong as I've seen it. Yet enough. It was alittle after 6 pm. That must have been when the tornado hit.

Tornados don't happen in downtown areas. This one hit in an industrial park, near downtown Dallas. Nobody was hurt. except for the guy's who 18 wheeler got throw into a building. He was treated and released. This twister was just miles from from an upscale residential and retail place. Witnesses say it just dropped and went back up. Here's another link from one our local news stations

What a day.

Now it's Thursday. Calm after the storm.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh wow. What an incredible and very freaky tornado through Dallas!! Wow - you could really see it all twisting on the ground and heading towards these buildings!! My goodness!!

Thank goodness that no-one was hurt - that's one pretty scray tornado - good grief!! thank goodness no one was hurt and thank goodness you're ok!! Phew.

Take care!

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