Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24, 1971 was Friday

Just like today.
I recall that sunny 1971 day very well.
I was in 8th grade-the highest grade in our junior high-
Rough and tough, our class yelled the loudest
Our first pep rally for our junior high football guys--
We were in 8th grade and next year HIGH SCHOOL!
Couldn't wait to race home and tell my folks-
My mom tried to listen, so did my dad.
Mom lie in bed. Dad sat in a chair next to the bed.
I knew Mom hadn't felt well, I just didn't know how bad-
Until one of Mom's friends came to the house with her
Daughter who was my age, and shortly thereafter
An ambulance arrived.
As my Mom was strapped to a gurney to leave our home,
She pet our Siamese cat, Minglee, who I held
Hostage in my arms. and I leaned over to kiss her--
"Mama love" she said--like she did every night.
Then Mom told me I was to be the woman of the house
When she wasn't there.
I bit my lip. Didn't want Mom to see me cry.
That was the last time I saw my mother alive.
Three days later Mom was dead.
I was 13.
And I cried.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Tommy. :-(

This is very beautiful and your mum is very beautiful too.

I'm so sorry for your loss at such a tender age.

Take care

Thomasina said...

Kitty: Thanks for your support, on my blog and on my kitty Noir's blog. If I ever do London, me and you will do tea!

Penny said...

Thomasina.....I posted @ Motherless Daughters that this was a powerful blog, but I meant in the way that it affected me reading it. I too loss my Mom at the age of 11 and early loss is a terrible thing. Your story was very touching!

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