Saturday, September 18, 2010

OKC is OK with Me

A co-worker chum of mine got married in Oklahoma City earlier today at 1pm. Had a festive time and fun. A few other co-workers, also made the trip. It's a road trip of 3 1/2 hours and I arrived a half hour before wedding time.

My plan was to stay until about 3:30ish, and then head home. Well, it was 6:30, and I'd wished I'd packed a little bag and got a cheap room. There was a Wal-mart down the street from the reception, and considered just getting a few toiletries and spend the night. Just tired.

Anyway, I pulled into my driveway about 20 mins ago, at 9:40pm. It would have been a few minutes earlier, however I didn't know the exit, from the freeway, to my house was closed. But I'm here. The contacts out, cats replenished, and headed to my bed to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play. I'm glad their playing in the Pacific Time Zone, game started just a few minutes ago. And the paper will just need to wait until tomorrow. I'm beat.

Oh the Power Point presentation I had to do? Did I tell you I realized I didn't even HAVE PP on my PC? So the freeware I found saved the day. Yet you get what you pay for because it crashed 3 times. I got it done and went to bed about 1am last night. So to do a round trip 400 mile, really wasn't something I wanted to do.

Yet, I did. My chum just glowed and was a gorgeous bride. I'm glad I know her.

So OKC is OK with me!

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Old Kitty said...

Good grief, I'm exhausted just reading what you had to do in 24 hours!! Well done with your PP presentation - even better that you finished it with the software crashing - that's truly an achievement! Yay for you!!

Awww round-trip weddings!! Oh Thomasina - the thing about such occassions is that you never just go and leave - you have to mingle and get carried away!!! LOL!!! I'm hoping you caught the bouquet...!!

I'm so glad you got home safe and sound though! Bet the kitties missed you!! And I hope your team won! :-)

Take care

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