Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Done

I like Barry Manilow. There I said it. On this Labor Day 2010 I admit it. Barry's coming to Dallas. I'm not sure of the date, because I'm afraid of how much the tickets are. I saw Barry in concert once--maybe twice. Back in the 80's. Ya know, forever ago.

And now, well-I like Barry's music--especially his older stuff. Even more precise, this song posted here: "All the Time."

Man, oh man, I sat in my first, ever apartment in Kansas City. $180 bucks a month, furnished, one room and slept on the pull out bed from my green vinyl sofa. Should I tell you I moved into the place with NO toilet paper? I just remembered.

And for some reason, I didn't have my 9 inch color TV. I didn't bring that to KC until later--yet I had my stereo. Ahh, yes the stereo. My music kept going and that included Barry's lp. This One's For You which had "All the Time" on it. I cried so many tears for the man I cared about at the time-I was so young then and so homesick and so made so many mistakes on the FIRST BIG MOVE away from home.

After all these years, I listen to this song and get weepy--and it's not because of Barry's glasses in this clip. Nope, for the song's lyrics. I get it. Barry.

To think I had it....

All the time.


Old Kitty said...

I LOVE BARRY MANILOW!!!!! And this is one of my favourite songs!!

Awww Tommy what a memory for you!!! Oh I hope you get to see Barry - but you're right, last he came here to the UK the ticket prices were astronomical. Oh dear. Nevermind!!

It's the songs that matter!

Take care

Noir the Texas Tabby said...

I'm a cat. I live with Thomasina--I call her Tommy--yea, she found this song on You Tube and sings along with it. Cats need ear plugs too.

Trust me.


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