Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You and Your Job

Do you feel you have a relationship with your job? Really. Think about it. The folks you work with, inside the same walls and maybe in the same spot for months, weeks--years? Do you feel you have a relationship there?

I do. I don't call my job or my job surroundings my 'family' as I've heard co-workers say. . At church I do, yet not at work. Do you? I'm back from the day where 'family' wasn't even mentioned in the workplace, but more of "I ain't gotta like you. I just gotta me able to work with you." I admit, I have more of that ol school feeling than we are family at work.

Am I wrong? Sure, I have come good chums there, Monday-Friday, 8 to 4:30pm, although at 4:31Pm they no longer exist until the next morning at 8AM. OKOKOK, I don't want any harm to come to my co-workers, even the ones I like least. I'm just honest. We part and live our lives at 4:30PM.

Do you do that?

Relationships are funny things. How different they all are. From the intense 15 minutes spent with MLG, to my six year liaison with Movie Man, to my "What year is this again?" with Bear, and the"remember this..." relationship with KC Chum who I have not seen in years and decided I was done with him after the last time we did see each other. Yet, we're still together after 30 plus years.

So back to you and your job. To me that is one. Just like any other relationship, it can be good or bad or both....

Perhaps it could be even like a relationship that's run its course.


Laoch of Chicago said...
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Laoch of Chicago said...

I think it would be a great gift if one could be in the moment in all relationships, minor and major, and find a specialness in them, but sadly I do not think that I can live up to that.

Old Kitty said...

Oh I do like the work that I do so I guess I have a sort of relationship with my actual work.

But I wouldn't want a relationship with most of my co-workers (you really wouldn't if you worked with them!! LOL!).

Of course I'm closer to one or two and even socialise with them after work but as for the majority - I leave them at 5.30 when I go home, thank goodness!!

Take care

The New Me said...

I once had a job with some folks who were like "Oh, let's go get a drink. Wanna go get a drink? Let's all get together." Being the diplomat I am I said, "Why would I do that? I spend 40 hrs a week with you and after 4:30 p.m. you're...well...people. and we KNOW how much I love them." They stopped asking, thankfully.

Don's Girl said...

First I've was bummed when I wasn't invited to some ladies' reindeer games. It seemed like they had fun. Then I had to realize I don't speak much to them during the day, so why am I going to sit in an eatery with them? I'm so past the time in my life of pretending to have fun.

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