Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Kinda wish I had a twist of lime for-well-of course, with me, I'd buy 3 limes, use half of one and the rest would just rot.

Bad Thomasina.

Haven't been here in awhile. Did done the school thing, which included a paper due last night. I got it in. So quite tired tonight. Got another due next Monday--and I cannot wait until the last minute to do it.

Fretted about money. Yea, OK...NEXT!

Had to get my Coumadin level checked on Monday-which I call my POKE, cuz my finger gets poked for a drop of my blood. Ya know, to check if its too thick/too thin, since I have my little mechanical mitral valve clicking away inside me. Can't have any clots forming around it. Was in my range, so I don't have to go back for a month. Been doing the Coumadin since March 2006. Hard to imagine my life without it or the scar on my chest. Medal of honor in a way. I survived.

Wait--remember last week I spoke of Bear's Facebook's status was changed to 'married' and I text'd him congrats? Well, never heard from the guy until Saturday. Said he the account was hacked into by somebody who was trying to cute and funny. My thought: it was probably the female who wanted TO change that status to married. What made me feel good was, I was really OK with him being married.

Come a long way, Thomasina.

So as Dallas bakes in over 100 degrees F oven, I'm off to munch salad, pet a cat and give me a one night school break with aLOT of TV.

Twist of lime in a strawberry limeade....


Old Kitty said...

I have to confess that I tend to do that with my veg - buy a pack, use half and then forget... I'm not so bad these days now though!

Oooh money (next!).

Glad to hear you feel you've come a long way re: Bear! But that's such a strange story though - and incidentally might make a good story too - hacking into facebook to change the person's status..!!

Enjoy your kitties and your limeade and your telly! It's POURING here!

p.s. well done with your health results - you're doing GREAT!!!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

I appreciate the support Kitty!! Makes me feel good and humbled!

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