Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got One

A DIET Sonic Strawberry Limeade that is.
As Dallas' weather rivals the heat of about a
Million Easy Bake Ovens-

The DIET Strawberry Limeade
Does quench the thirst--
Even if it's suppose to be DIET.
And honestly, do we really know for sure?
It does seem to have little less zip than one had before--
So it could be, DIET right?
I can say, it doesn't much matter. It quenches.
Not staying on here long tonight.
Wanna work on my novella earlier this evening than last--
Can I script thousands of words by Aug 14? Stay tuned.
In the meantime: .DIET Strawberry Limeade
I got one. And I like it like that.


ProudTejana said...
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ProudTejana said...

For some reason i never thought they would have a diet one - don't know why. I always order the real thing -- the only thing i put my splenda in is iced tea and coffee.

Don's Girl said...

I guess I got the DIET, because I thought it would offset the onion rings.....*

Old Kitty said...

If it says diet you can have twice more!! That's my philosphy! :-)

And of course you'll write a thousand and more words by the
14th Aug.!!! Of course!

Good luck!!
Take care

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