Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Want List

I want a bunch of peaches so I can make a bunch of pies and sell em.

Then I want my own treadmill so I can walk off all the peach pie I'd have to sample. I do like going to the Golden Oldie Rec Center--yet the TV is forever on Fox News.

Yes, everyone has a right to their opinions and I respect that. Although, Fox News... I've tried to change the station--especially when I'm alone. When someone comes in to the work out room, it's "Can I change this?" What is my usual choice of TV fare? Either HGTV or "Wheel of Fortune"--who doesn't like "Wheel of Fortune"? And it's too hot outside for me to walk--and I need more exercise. In two weeks, I'm going to try a Zumba class--stay tuned for THAT.

In the meantime, I'm back to my want of a bunch of peaches to make a bunch of pies. One of my classmates said if I'd SOLD some pies prior to Iowa trip--the trip woulda been PAID for. Hmm. Well, I do have PayPal.

Want a Good man in my life. One I won't scare off and is OK cleaning the cats' poo potty box?

Want less hips. I like my hips. Just want a little less of em.

Lastly, I want cats to have a desire to get a job....

Yea, like that's really gonna happen...


Laoch of Chicago said...

Thank god for my ipod while exercising. It allows me to block out all the gym blather!

Old Kitty said...

Peach pies! Yum!!!

Is the Wheel of Fortune still going? Good grief! LOL!

Sometimes it's so good to wish for things because you never know, is what I say, you never know!! If it's meant to happen it will! :-)

And I know only good things are coming your way!!

Especially with such sweet kitties as yours! :-)
p.s. I look forward to discovering what this Zumba class is all about!
Take care

Don's Girl said...

iPod? Hmm. I 'spose it wouldn't be as cumbersom as an 8 track player... :)

Zumba is a aerboic kinda class--suppose to good for the cardio, to a latin sorta beat. It looks fun. And you're right, Kitty--you never know when the 'wants' become the "here is it!"

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