Thursday, July 1, 2010

Touch Base Thursday

Miss me?

Trust me, I missed ALL of you! Of course, there's a long sorted tale, yet I'm weary and must hit my bed to grab a train to SnoreVille.

Let me says this, when I woke Monday morn to flip on the TV for news at 5:30AM I had NO TV-except for a bunch of words telling me there was nothing wrong 'technically' with my TV, just call them for 'an important account matter'--OK, I musta missed a bill. No worries. As I readied for work, I notice some men out in front of my house--it was the gas company.

See, last year, two houses within a couple blocks streets of me, blew up due to a gas leak--in broad daylight. So the Gas Co was fixing out dated stuff. And I thought what a cute little bulldozer they use--which stayed parked on my curb for two days.

Anyway, I paid my bill Monday night, the guy said should be back on in a couple hours. Well, that couple hours turned into Thursday. First Verizon (my phone, Tv and Internet) said they didn't have my payment-so I told them I had the receipt, etc-so they said my stuff would be turned on. Come Wednesday and enough of "The people you need to talk to left at 6pm" and fussing at people in the Verizon store--I sat on hold and used up alot of cell talking to this Verizon Tech. He said, "there is no reason your services should be off."

Then I tell him about there was the Gas Co all week. He got silent and then says, my line may have gotten severed---that would make sense. So today, Thursday, I was told at 8AM the Tech could come out ANY time by 9PM tonight. I had things to do. I did them. Fretted the whole time. The guy called me and beat me to my house.

He came out late afternoon. And yes, the Gas Co severed the Verizon line...TWICE. In front of my house and a couple doors down. Turns out my next door neighbors knew and the husband was out there when the Gas Co did. They both said, "We thought you knew."

Well no, I didn't. So since my house was the first they worked on, my line got cut first. Joy.

Anyway, all is good. I did miss alot of school stuff so I thru myself on the mercy of the Teacher. And I await her response. There's only so many time I could give Kinko's 20 cents a minute to use their PC's.

I missed you A Lot!

Now if you excuse me, I gotta go to bed and get some rest.

The 750 mile drive to Iowa tomorrow needs all the energy I can muster.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Have I said that I LOVE your new pic??? Well I do - it's lovely!

Well I missed you!! I was wondering why you and Noir went all silent... now I know!

Oh my goodness what a palaver!!! I hope hope hope your teacher would see sense and give you some leeway as to your missed course work! I hope so!

I like how your neighbour thought you knew! LOL! Nevermind - all is well!!!!! Please take care and enjoy your amenities that you've paid plenty for and yes get some rest!
See you soon here in blogworld!!!
Take care

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